Urea Fertilizer: Manufacturers, Suppliers, Wholesale And Exporter in USA

Urea Fertilizer:  Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesale And Exporter in USA

Are you an importer of urea and looking for a trustworthy & leading Urea Fertilizer manufacturer wholesale suppliers in the US? Then you come to the right place. We Agromer company is one of the leading Urea fertilizer supplier, wholesaler, and exporter in the USA. Contact us today for all your bulk Urea requirements.  

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Let us learn more about our product urea fertilizer, including its benefits, uses, pricing, and specifications.

In traditional agriculture, urea fertilizer is essential for increasing crop yields and securing food security for farmers. Urea is a regularly used nitrogen-based fertilizer. It offers nutrients to plants, trees and small flowers, helping wholesome growth and development.

What is Urea Fertilizer?

Urea fertilizer, chemically known as CO(NH2)2, also known as carbamide. It is a white crystalline organic compound manufactured through synthetic processes. It contains a high concentration of nitrogen, making it an efficient and cost-effective source of this essential nutrient for plants.

Fertilizers give three essential nutrients: nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), and potassium. Nitrogen increases vegetative growth. Phosphorus improves root growth and flowering. Potassium increases strength to environmental pressures like severe temperatures and pest attacks.

Urea is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer on the market, with the largest nitrogen content (about 46%). It is a white, crystalline natural chemical molecule. Urea has a neutral pH and can be utilized in almost any soil. It is a byproduct of protein metabolism that happens evidently in humans, different animals, amphibians, and a few fish. Urea is commonly used in agriculture as both a fertilizer and an animal feed ingredient.

The fundamental function of urea fertilizer is to feed nitrogen to the plant flowers, which promotes improvement of leafy growth and makes the plants seem lush. Urea also improves photosynthesis in plants. Because Agromer urea fertilizes the simplest form of nitrogen. And no longer phosphate or potassium, it isn’t usually used. This increases the growth of the plant.

Types of Urea in the Market

There are five different types of urea in the market. Which are used as fertilizers. They are the end product of the chemical reaction of ammonia and carbon dioxide.

  1. Granular Urea
  2. Prilled Urea
  3. Coated Urea
  4. Liquid Urea
  5. Technical Grade Urea

Granular Urea 

Granular urea looks identical to prilled urea, which has a high nitrogen concentration (46%) among solid fertilizers.

It can be sprayed straight to the soil or combined with other fertilizers such as phosphate and potash to make a complete feeding mix for plants.

This form of urea is simply sprayed using typical spreading equipment. 

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Prilled Urea

Prilled urea is a nitrogen-rich solid fertilizer that quickly dissolves in water.

Prilled urea is more widely used today to prevent breakdown when mixed with other fertilizer components such as potassium chloride.

This product, commonly referred to as ice melting or deicing urea, effectively melts ice at temperatures as low as -6°C.

Coated Urea

Coated urea is coated with a chemical that regulates nitrogen release, ensuring a continuous supply over time.

Reduces nutrient loss via leaching, making the product more efficient.

Improves the uptake of nitrogen by plants, resulting in better growth.

Help to reduce environmental impact by reducing runoff.

Liquid Urea

This liquid urea is easy-to-mix, easy-to-apply water-soluble urea.

Fertilize with water (add to irrigation water).

Apply directly to leaves for foliar spraying.

Nitrogen absorption by plants is rapid and efficient.

Perfect for nutrient management in different crops.

Technical Grade Urea

Technical Grade Urea is available in High-Purity Urea.

Industrial grade urea is commonly used in the production of resins and adhesives, as well as plastics.

Special agricultural use.

Provides accurate and controlled nutrient delivery

Urea Wholesale Suppliers

Urea N46 Fertilizer

Urea N46 is a nitrogen fertilizer that contains 46% nitrogen and is one of the most concentrated on the market. It helps more quickly growth of plants, higher agricultural yields, and better overall plant health.

Ammonium sulfate fertilizer

This fertilizer contains 21% nitrogen and 24% sulfur, and it is only suitable for crops that require sulfur. It increases soil natural ability and helps the plant nitrogen absorption process.

Yara fertilizer

Yara is a global leader in agricultural products, and is one of the leading manufacturers of fertilizers. It offers consistent, high-quality, and suitable for a wide range of crops and soil.

We can provide these fertilizers in bulk quantity at an affordable cost, with a simple export process to your destination.

What are the benefits of urea fertilizer?

These are the benefits and advantages of urea fertilizer of plants:

  1. Urea fertilizer provides essential nitrogen for the growth of plants.
  2. It is cheaper than other nitrogen fertilizer.
  3. It is suitable for various crops such as cereal, oilseed, fruit, vegetables, legumes, etc.
  4. It is easy to dissolve in water for rapid absorption of nutrients.
  5. It is well stored and does not degrade.
  6. It is fire resistant.
  7. It is simple and safe for the farm or agricultural facility.
  8. It reduces the risk of soil salt and soil toxicity.
  9. When used correctly, it does not harm or burn plants.
  10. It is suitable for controlled-release formulations.
  11. It decreases nitrogen leaching and runoff.It stimulates vegetative growth and increases yields.
  12. It boosts plant metabolism and increases stress tolerance.
  13. It can be mixed with other plant nutrients to create customised fertilizer mixes.
  14. Urea is lightweight and comes in granular form.
  15. Easy storage and handling is not difficult.
  16. It has minimal waste.
  17. When used in agriculture, it is produced and distributed around the world.

These benefits and advantages make urea fertilizer a popular choice among farmers for promoting healthy plant growth and maximizing agricultural productivity.

How to Use Urea Fertilizer?

The purpose of urea fertilizer is to improve plant health and improve crop yield. But to do this effectively, urea fertilizer needs to be applied correctly. 

Let’s see how to properly apply urea fertilizer with a step-by-step guide below.

1. Timing of Application:

Urea fertilizer must be applied at the time of sowings or planting to ensure that growing seedlings have access to nutrients as they begin their development process. However, it is extremely important to avoid direct contact between urea and seeds, as this can cause damage to developing seeds.

2. Application Methods:

There are many ways to apply urea fertilizer. Top dressing is one of the most common methods. Top dressing is the process of applying urea over the soil’s surface toward the base of the plants. This allows fertilizer to be given slowly, giving an ongoing dose of nitrogen for growing plants.

3. Mixing with Soil:

Because urea contains too much nitrogen, it’s much easier to mix with soil, earth or sand before application. This allows you to lightly spread fertilizer throughout the soil, preventing local nutrient buildup and reducing the risk of nitrogen burn.

4. Avoiding Wet Conditions:

Urea fertilizer should not be applied while the soil is very wet or expected to remain very wet for an extended period of time. Excessive moisture causes urea to break down quickly into ammonia gasoline, resulting in nitrogen loss through volatilisation. To ensure sure plant nutrient uptake, let the soil dry sufficiently before applying urea.

5. Monitoring Weather Conditions:

Before applying urea fertilizer, check the weather forecasting and soil moisture levels. The most suitable time to use fertilizer is during the summer season or dry weather. When the soil is damp but not completely saturated. This allows plants to absorb vitamins more effectively while lowering the danger of nitrogen loss through leaching or evaporation.

6. Dosage and Application Rates:

Measure the recommended portion of urea. Application costs are based on the nutrient unit and the type of urea used on the crop. Nitrogen toxicity is caused by improper application of urea fertilizer, just as nutrient deficiencies are caused by inadequate application. Talk to your farm’s agronomist or extension business to determine the ideal dosage for your soil and farm conditions.

7. Incorporation into Soil:

To improve nutrient efficiency and minimize nutrient waste. Urea fertilizer can be administered to the soil by shallow cultivation or irrigation. Vitamins are better stored and utilized by plants while nitrogen exposure within the environment is reduced.

8. Maintenance of pH Levels:

To make sure that supplements are available and used effectively, it is important to analyze the soil and monitor the pH level. Urea fertilizers work best on slightly acidic to neutral soils. Adjust the pH level as needed to increase supplement productivity and reduce cut yields.

The following step by step instructions will help you apply urea fertilizers correctly and efficiently to encourage healthy plant growth, increase trim yields and protect agricultural assets. 

These step by step instructions provide farmers and staff of plant nurseries with the knowledge they need to use urea fertilizer correctly and effectively for maximum crop yield and soil health.

Urea Fertilizer Uses

Here are 10 common uses of urea fertilizer:

  • Widely used to supply essential nitrogen for good plant growth and improved yields. Commonly used on crops such as corn and wheat, rice and barley to improve grain quality and growth.
  • Helps in the growth of soybeans and canola, as well as sunflowers, by increasing leaf and stem development and increasing oil and protein contents.
  • Supports vigorous growth of vegetables such as tomato, peppers, cucumber, and lettuce, enhancing quality.
  • Used in apple, citrus, and banana orchards to promote healthy tree growth and flowering, as well as fruit production.
  • Improves biomass production in pastures and forage crops such as alfalfa and clover, as well as grasses, to improve the quality of livestock feed.
  • Promotes lush green growth in lawn, golf course, and sports field to improve turf density and overall health.
  • Supplies essential nitrogen to home garden and ornamental plants to promote foliage growth, vivid blooms, healthy roots, and optimal growth.
  • Provides nutrients to greenhouse vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants for optimum growth.
  • Fertilized, foliar feeding formulations, controlled-release formulations, etc.

These applications demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of urea fertilizers for a wide range of uses in agriculture, horticulture and landscape management, resulting in improved crop yields, plant health and sustainable agriculture.

Agromer: Urea Fertilizer Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter Company in US

Agromer is one of the leading urea fertilizer manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters in the United States. We are dedicated to excellence and innovation in the urea fertilizer industry.

Agromer urea fertilizer is designed to meet the needs of farmers, agri-businesses, and distributors. We offer a wide variety of urea fertilizers to improve crop yield, soil health, and overall agri-sustainability.

Our products are manufactured in the most advanced manufacturing facilities and are subject to the strictest quality control measures.

We are committed to affordability and availability in today’s agricultural market. That’s why we offer competitive prices for urea fertilizer, so you get the best value for your investment.

Whether you are a small farmer or a large distributor, we accept bulk orders at fair prices that reflect current market trends.

Agromer as a urea supplier not only serves the local market but we are also ready to fulfill your export orders. We have a large logistics network and are committed to customer satisfaction. We are ready to supply urea fertiliser to locations all around the world.

Our clients can be found all over the world, from East Europe to Central America, from North Europe to Middle East, from South America to South West Europe, from South East Asia to North America, from Australia/NZ to Canada, from India Subcontinent to Caribbean, from East/Mid Africa to South West Africa, and from North Africa to North Africa, thanks to our quality products, our competitive prices, our experienced staff, and our fair business practices. 

If you are a buyer, importer, or a farmer, contact us for your urea fertilizer requirements. If you are looking to buy in bulk or are interested in exploring export possibilities, you can count on Agromer to be your trusted partner. 

Contact a trusted urea supplier today to talk about your requirements and find out what Leading Ureas Manufacturing Exporting Agromer company has to offer.

Urea Fertilizer Price Per Ton in USA

Urea fertilizer prices in the United States always change. It depends on a variety of factors, including market demand, manufacturing costs, raw material and worldwide supply patterns. As of May 2024, the average UREA price in the United States is between $300 and $500 a ton.

Keep in mind that UREA pricing may fluctuate over time owing to market conditions, exchange rates, and other economic considerations. To find out the most accurate UREA costs in your region, contact your local supplier or agricultural supply store.

Contact us today to learn more about UREA fertilizer price and other information.

Agromer Urea Specification

Purity99 %
Packaging Size50 lbs(22.68 kg)
Packaging TypePP Bag
Physical StatePowder
Grade Standardindustrial Grade
Shelf Life5 years
SolubilityClear Solution
AppearanceWhite Crystalline Powder
Minimum Order Quantity1 MT

FAQ on Urea Fertilizer

Can Urea Fertilizer be used for All Crops?

Yes, Urea fertilizers can be used in a variety of crops, including cereals, oilseeds, fruits, and vegetables. The best way is by quantity and timing varies based on the crop’s nutritional requirements and soil conditions.

How does urea fertilizer differ from other nitrogen fertilizers?

When it comes to nitrogen fertilisers, the most convenient urea is made up of nitrogen. The other nitrogen fertilizers are made up of different nitrogen particles made up of ammonium, nitrate, etc. Each type of nitrogen fertilizer has unique properties and properties that affect how green and suitable it is for different types of agricultural packages.

What is granular urea?

Granular urea is a solid nitrogen fertilizer in small pellets, easy to apply and highly effective for boosting plant growth and crop yields.

What services does a urea fertilizer manufacturer company Agromer in the US offer?

Agromer provides Urea fertilizer manufacturing, processing, supply and export. We offer supply to domestic local markets, and export services to international customers.

What is the price of urea fertilizer for plants?

The price of urea fertilizer can vary, but it typically ranges from $300 to $600 per ton, depending on market conditions, location, and supply-demand factors.

How can I buy a bulk order for urea fertilizer with a manufacturer supplier in the US?

To buy a bulk order, you can contact the Agromer manufacturer, supplier, exporter through their website contact form, email, or phone number, whatsapp number provided. They will guide you through the ordering process, provide pricing, and export details.

Can you provide urea for lawns and grass?

Yes, we can supply urea for lawn & grass in bulk at affordable prices.

Are there any minimum order requirements when purchasing urea fertilizer in bulk from a US-based company?

Yes, there are MOQ Minimum order requirements that may vary depending on the Agromer company and their policies. It’s advisable to inquire about minimum order quantities when contacting the Agromer urea manufacturer, and supplier. 

Does the company offer low pricing for urea fertilizer in the US market?

Yes we do offer low pricing for bulk quantity for our urea fertilizer to our customers. We recommend you to quote from trusted and leading urea suppliers to compare prices while including transportation and product cost and then choose the best option.

Can I request custom formulations or packaging options for urea fertilizer orders?

Yes we offer custom packaging urea fertilizer to our customers and also transportation and export services too. It’s best to discuss your specific requirements with theUrea manufacturer, and supplier to see if they can provide as per your needs.

Does the urea manufacturer company provide shipping and logistics support for international export orders?

Yes, our company offers urea fertilizer exporters in the US that offer shipping and logistics support for international orders. We can arrange for transportation, documentation, and customs clearance to ensure smooth delivery to your desired address.

What certifications or quality standards should I look for when choosing a urea fertilizer supplier in the US?

Look for suppliers who adhere to industry standards and regulations, such as ISO certifications or certifications from regulatory bodies like the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or the Department of Agriculture (USDA).

Are there any restrictions or regulations regarding the export of urea fertilizer from the US to other countries?

There are no export regulations for urea fertilizer that may vary depending on the destination country’s import policies and agricultural regulations. It’s important to be aware of any restrictions or requirements before exporting urea fertilizer internationally. 

How can I verify the authenticity and quality of urea fertilizer products supplied by a urea manufacturer and supplier company in the US?

You can verify the authenticity and quality of urea fertilizer products by requesting product certifications, conducting independent testing, or reviewing customer testimonials and reviews.

What payment options are available when purchasing urea fertilizer from a US-based company?

Payment options include wire transfer, credit card, and other payment methods that are accepted by our urea manufacturer and supplier company. It may be helpful to inquire about payment methods and conditions before placing your order.

How can farmers enhance the efficiency of urea fertilizer application?

Farmers can optimize urea fertilizer application efficiency by adopting precision agriculture technologies, conducting soil testing, and implementing site-specific nutrient management practices. By tailoring fertilizer applications to crop needs and field conditions, farmers can maximize nutrient use efficiency and minimize environmental risks.

Are there any regulations governing the use of urea fertilizer?

Fertilizer containing urea is regulated by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). The EPA and USDA set regulations and standards for the use of urea-based fertilizers to ensure their safe and effective use for human health and environmental protection.

Agromer is a leading provider of urea fertilizer, agricultural commodities and energy products. Since 1985, we have been providing quality and reliable service to our customers. We are committed to providing our customers with high-quality products and services at affordable prices. We work every day to build long-term relationships with our customers.

If you need any more information on the urea manufacturing and supply process related to product delivery, pricing and export, contact us today. As we are the trusted and most recommended urea fertilizer supplier all over the international market.

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