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Oil&gaz and fertilizers are our main specialities




Agromer has been serving customers in France and abroad since 1985. With our extensive expertise and customer-focused approach, we proudly offer a wide range of fertilizer formulas, including UREA, NPK, MOP, and DAP, catering to international markets. Additionally, we provide lithothamnium fertilizer options.

Our expertise extends beyond fertilizers to encompass soil and water depollution technologies. As specialists in soil and water remediation, we conceptualize and execute solutions that are not only environmentally friendly but also efficient and secure. We embrace the challenges posed by evolving ecological standards while prioritizing user safety.

Our approach incorporates the utilization of bacteria with lithothamnium properties, carefully targeting and purifying substances to eliminate toxic or undesirable elements. At Agromer, we are committed to safeguarding the environment while delivering effective solutions to our valued clientele.

Coal from Indonesia


Coal from Indonesia

In 2022 Indonesia produced 687 million tonnes of coal and exported 494 million tonnes, Agromer have mandate access and can arrange contracts.
Only for end buyers with serious LOI.

Indonesia Wood Pellet factory supplier


Wood Pellets


Petroleum Products

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